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Public Policy/Community Action Group had its inaugural meeting on Oct 10, at the home of Orlew Lauger. This group is for all who are passionate about cultural issues that impact women and girls, are excited about stepping up our presence in the community, and want to share their light. Contact Orlew Lauger at to be involved.

Since AAUW’s founding our members and supporters have spoken out about policies important to women and girls. Without their voices, invaluable legislation would have never been passed. In recent years, such legislation included the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

AAUW’s policy work connects and rallies advocates at the local, state, national, and global levels to advance our work to empower women and girls. With the member-endorsed Public Policy Priorities as our guide, AAUW uses lobbying and grassroots efforts to push forward policies that break through educational and economic barriers for women.

The AAUW Public Policy and Government Relations Department, with input from the member leaders of the AAUW Public Policy Committee, leads AAUW’s lobbying and grassroots efforts. However, AAUW member advocates across the country who give their time, energy, and voice to AAUW issues deserve the credit for truly advancing women.

We have many resources available, and the AAUW policy staff can be reached at 202.785.7793 or

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Your Every Question Answered: Advocacy How-to Guides

You can use these resources to explore the tried-and-true techniques of advocacy.

State Legislative Request Intake Form Get an opinion from AAUW staff on whether your state’s proposed legislation aligns with AAUW’s public policy priorities.

Quick Facts

Learn the current status of important equity issues for women and families with these quick guides.

Civil Rights:

Stand Up for Voting Rights!

Tell Congress: Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment!

Stand Up Against Discrimination — Support the Equality Act!

Fight Back Against the Attacks on Reproductive Rights

Tell Congress: Support Immigrant Youth

Economic Security:

Urge Your Members of Congress to Support the Healthy Families Act

Fight Workplace Harassment: Pass the Be HEARD Act

Tell Congress to Support the EMPOWER Act to Fight Workplace Harassment

Support the Paycheck Fairness Act

Pass Paid Leave: Support the FAMILY Act

Fight for Working Women: Raise the Federal Minimum Wage


Stand Up for Equity in Education: Tell Your Legislators to Cosponsor GEEA!

Support Women in Higher Education — End the Student Debt Crisis

Title IX:    Share Your Story: Title IX

Advocacy Priorities

How-to Guides        

State Policy Program

Learn about AAUW’s stances on important equity issues for women and families.                          Utilize this collection of AAUW resources to help guide your grassroots  efforts.                              See how AAUW staff can help you make a difference in your state through local advocacy.