Interest Groups

AAUW Tarrant County offers several Interest Groups for enrichment and fellowship among our members.  The interest groups are open to all members, who may visit the groups and decide to join any number of them.  Below you will find descriptions of the groups and who to contact. There are two Book Clubs, Community Service, Gourmet, Out to Lunch, Cultural Outings, and New Members groups.  For more information, please contact the leader of the group that interests you!

Please join one of our monthly interests groups.

¡Adelante! Book Club. Twenty-one years ago the ¡Adelante! Book of the Month Club was created by national: to spotlight engrossing stories and writing by women from all backgrounds. This nation-wide AAUW community program is dedicated to exploring new ideas and perspectives, and talking about issues of social justice related to the monthly book selection. The local group meets monthly on the third Monday. The group meets at 10 am in member’s homes, with refreshments followed by the discussion. Contact Leader Tina Caliga for more information and to RSVP for a meeting. See 2018-2019 ¡Adelante! Book List
Community Service. The Community Service Group ventures out to a different community organization each month to offer our services as volunteer helpers.  Alternately, collections or other services may be offered to a nonprofit organization,  Learn about the many ways we can serve in our community.  Contact Tricia Deitz or Marsha Abeson for more information and to RSVP for a service project.
Cultural Outings. Periodically cultural outings will be arranged for our members.   Those interested will go as a group to attend a performance or other cultural event, such as an art exhibit, musical performance, play or movie.  A restaurant meal nearby may also be planned for the outing.  Spouses may join in and members may bring a friend.  Click here to view Cultural Outings scheduled events. Contact the event organizer Joyce Raessler for more information and to RSVP for an outing.
Gourmet Group. Gourmet group meets in member’s homes, usually on the fourth Saturday of each month, except during the holidays.  Spouses are included, and some members come solo. The hostess will plan a menu based on the cuisine of a foreign country and send recipes to the participants.  Currently there are openings.  Some months the group goes to a restaurant. Contact Leader Eva Isbell for more information and to RSVP for a dinner.
Literature Group. The Literature Group meets in member’s homes on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 pm.  The evening begins with a book review, followed by discussion and then refreshments. The reviewer picks a favorite book to present, and it is not necessary for the members to have read the book.  All are invited to these evenings of stimulating book talk.  Email leader Joyce Beck for more information and to RSVP for an evening meeting. See AAUW TCB Literature Group’s calendar.
⭐ New ⭐ Movie Discussion Group.  Movies are voted on, watched independently and reviewed as a group.  The group meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. for discussion and dessert. Spouses and Significant others are welcome. Bring your ideas for coming movies and a date you can host. Contact Berry Bock at 
New Members. Gatherings will be held for new members, as well as established members, to attend in different venues.  All are welcome to attend.  We can learn and grow together, sharing our stories, old history, and new energy.  Contact membership chairs Cheri Poston and Judy Kingman for more information and to  join in the fun!
Sunshine. Sends cards to members in need of a bit of “sunshine”. Please notify Mary Bailey of members who would appreciate a card from our Branch
Out to Lunch. Each month all interested members will have lunch together at a new/different restaurant. This is an opportunity to try new places and enjoy getting to know other members at the same time.  The outings are usually the second Wednesday of the month, but sometimes the fourth, at 11:30 am. Contact Leader Marla Parvey for more information and to RSVP for a lunch outing. See AAUW TCB’s Out to Lunch Group’s Calendar.
⭐ New⭐Active Outings. Join us and enjoy indoor and outdoor adventures. Co-chairs Sara Crowley and Lydia Britton. We will be looking at different activities as time goes on. See Active Outings Events Calendars.