Archived Programs 2014-2018

Past Program: Wed, May 16, 2018, Celebration Dinner.  Location & Time:  Bread Winners Bistro & Bakery, 5:30 pm.

Past Program: Wed, April 18, 2018, Tonya Spence Telesco, “Four Unspoken Communication Secrets.”  Location & Time:  The Stayton,  5:30 pm.

Past Program: Wed, March 21, 2018, Dr. Trish Van Duser “Title IX: Consent and Respect.” Location & Time:  The Stayton,  5:30 pm.

Past Program: Wed, February 21, 2018: Greer Christian: “Salary Negotiation: Women Know Your Worth.” Location & Time:  The Stayton,  5:30 pm.  Fundraiser Dinner.

Past Program:  Wed, January 17, 2018: Shellie McMillon: “Alliance for Children: Protecting our Childern From Abuse.” Location & Time:  The Stayton, 5:30 pm.  Fundraiser Dinner.

Past Program:  Wed, November 15, 2017: Holiday Pot Luck Dinner, Memories, Moments & Merriment.  Location & Time:  The Stayton, 5:30pm.

Past Program:  Wed, October 18, 2017:  Jinnell Killingsworth Lee, Educator:  “What is Diversity and Inclusion?”.  Location & Time:  The Stayton,  5:30 pm.

Past Program:  Wed, September 20, 2017: Katherine Spillar.  Executive Editor Ms. Magazine,  “Rise Up!  Feminist Activism and Civic Engagement in this Political Time.”  Location & Time: Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom,  5:30 pm.

Past Program:  Wed, May 17,  AAUW May 17 2017 Celebration Dinner.   Location & Time:  Buffalo West, 5:30 pm.

Past Program: Wed. April 19,  Dr. Terri L. Major-Kincade, Attending Neonatologist, Pediatrix Medical Group, Dallas: “The Price We Pay for Wearing the White Coat, Cape and Heels.”  Location & Time:  The Stayton,  5:30 pm.

Past Program:  Thursday, March 16, Trailblazers: Women in Labor and Business Location & Time:  Fort Worth Central Library, light refreshments, 4:30 pm.

Past Program:  Wed, February 15, 2017: Dr. Njoki McElroy – 1012 Natchez: A Memoir of Joy, Hardship and Love.  Pot Luck Dinner.  Location & Time:  The Stayton, Green Room, 5:30 pm.

Past Program:  Wed, January 18, 2017:  Healthy Lifestyles for Women. Location & Time:  The Stayton, 5:30 pm.

Past Program:  Wed, November 16, 2016:  AAUW Holiday Social: Pot Luck Dinner. Location & Time:  The Stayton, 5:30pm.

Past Program:  Wed, October 19, 2016: “Human Trafficking: Women and Violence.” Dr. Sharece Downey, Tarleton State University Assistant Professor, Director of Human Trafficking and Violence Against Women.    Location & Time:  The Stayton,  5:30 pm.

Past Program:  Wed, September 21, 2016: Dr. Meredith Conroy: Are You Man Enough? Gender, Media, and the American Presidency.  Location & Time: TCU Dee Kelly Alumni & Visitor Center,  5:30 pm.

Past Program: Wed. May 18, 2016: AAUW Installation Dinner,  Location & Time: Buffalo West Restaurant, 5:30 pm.

Past Program: Wed, April 20, 2016, AAUW Annual Meeting & Native American Women’s Issues, with speaker, Kimberlie Gilliland, Bacone College,  Location & Time: The Stayton, 5:30 pm.

Past Program: Thursday, March 17, 2015, Fort Worth Library Joint Meeting Celebrating Women’s History Month. Entrepreneurship and Angel Investing, Stella Robertson, Alcon Laboratories Retiree, Location & Time: Fort Worth Central Library, 5:00 pm.  

Past Program:  Wed, February 17, 2016, Generations of Women, panel discussion moderated by Shivaun Palmer, CEO and Co-Founder of Plaid for Women. Location & Time: The Stayton, 5:30 pm.  

Past Program: Wed, January 20, 2016, Amy Gowder, VP Supply Chain Management, Lockheed Martin, STEM: Women in the Workplace.  Location & Time: The Stayton, 5:30 pm.

Past Program: Wed, November 18, 2015, AAUW Holiday Potluck.  Location & Time: The Stayton, 5:30 pm.

Past Program: Wed, October 21, 2015, Childcare Forum. Pat Cheong moderated a panel on Childcare Issues.   Location & Time: The Stayton, 5:30 pm.

Past Program: Wed, September 16, 2015,  TCU Student Panel: Rwandan Women-Perspectives on Violence 20 Years After Genocide.  TCU international students, Yvonne Umugwaneza and Claudine Mukanyamwasa, shared their perspectives.  Location & Time: TCU Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom,  5:30 pm.

Past Program: Wed. May 20, 2015, Celebration and Installation of Officers.  Location & Time:   Aventino’s Italian Restaurant, 6:00 pm.

Past Program: Wed. April 15, 2015:  Blue Zones Project: Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice.  Shirley Brady, Community Relations Coordinator, Healthways, Inc.  Location & Time:  The Stayton, 5:30 pm.

Past Program: Thurs. March 19, 2015:  Our Foremothers, Ourselves: Why the History of Feminist Thought Matters Today!  Dr. Linda K. Hughes, TCU Professor of Literature.  Location & Time:  Fort Worth Central Library, 5:30 pm.

Past Program: Wed. February 18, 2015:  Early Education in Texas and the Jeanes Supervisors/Teachers, Gayle W. Hanson, Historian/Genealogist/Author.  Location & Time:  The Stayton, 5:30 pm.

Past Program:  Wed. January 21, 2014:  Project BEST: Literacy Training Model, Kathryn Thompson, Executive Director, Tarrant Literacy Coalition.  Location & Time:  Trinity Terrace, 5:30 pm

Past Program:  Wed. November 19, 2014:  Holiday Get-Together and Pot Luck Dinner.  Location & Time:  The Stayton, 6:00 pm

Past Program:  Wed. October 15, 2014:  Advancing Women in STEM, Dr. Claire Peel, Dean, School of Health Professions.  Location & Time:  UNT Health Science Center, 5:30 pm.

Past Program:  Wed, Sept 17, 2014:  Women in American Politics: The Difference a Gender Makes.  Dr. Joanne Green, TCU Professor of Political Science.  Location & Time:  TCU Brown Lupton University Union, 5:30 pm.     

*****   Archived Information:  Monthly Event Programs 2013-2014   *****

Past Program:  Wed, Sept 18, 2013:  Affordable Healthcare Act & Women; Marjorie McColl Petty, Regional Director, Health & Human Services.  Location & Time: UNT Health Science Center, 5:30pm.

Past Program:   Wed, Oct 16, 2013:  Jubilee Theatre History & Tour; Tre Garrett, Artistic Director, and David Hadlock, Marketing Manager.  Location & Time:  Jubilee Theatre, 5:30pm.

Past Program:  Wed, Nov 20, 2013:  Holiday Get-Together; Terri Freer, Co-President, League of Women Voters.  Location & Time: The Stayton, 5:30pm.

Past Program:  Wed, Jan 15, 2014:  TCU Women’s Studies Panel presenting Women of Wind; Dr. Amanda Hale, Dr. Tory Bennett, Becky Johnson, and Kaleigh Wyrick.  Location & Time:  TCU Brown-Lupton Student Union, 5:30pm.

Past Program:  Wed, Feb 19, 2014:  Global Fair Trade; Natalie Traylor Knight, Manager, Ten Thousand Villages.       Location & Time:  Trinity Terrace, 5:30pm.

Past Program: Thurs, Mar 20, 2014:  Celebrating Women of Character, Courage and Commitment: Ruth Carter Stevenson; Dr. Andrew Walker, Director, Amon Carter Museum of American Art.  Location & Time:  FW Central Library, 5:30pm.

Past Program: Wed, Apr 16, 2014:  HER Health Institute and Prostitute Diversion Initiative; Dr. Amy Raines-Milenkov and Dr. Martha Felini, UNT Health Science Center Panel.  Location & Time:  UNT Health Science Center; 5:30pm.

Past Program: Wed, May 21, 2014:  Officer Installation Celebration Dinner; former AAUW TCB President Kathryn Bryan will be master of ceremonies.  Come join us for a fun time!  Location & Time: Buffalo West Restaurant at 6:00pm.